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Brinks Services is San Diego's most experienced pipelining contractor using a variety of lining methods and systems.  In fact, Brinks has over a hundred combinations of systems, resins, liners, slip liners, pipe bursting and epoxies available to provide you with a
"Custom Engineered Pipe Lining Solution".

Pipelining services



Formadrain is a true "No-Dig" Lining Solution for many types of repairs.
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Pipes come in all shapes and sizes and this is where Easy Liner comes in..
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Maxliner complete solution for relining lateral pipelines

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                  ValPak $610 Off Coupon


Present to your Brinks representative upon your job order and receive $610 off your hot and cold epoxy lining project. Click here for coupon.


              $610 Off Epoxy

  • Residential Interior only. No Multi-Unit, Commercial, or Exterior.

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Any Pipe - Any Place is Trade Marked TM


Brinks pipeline solutions include:
Epoxy pipe lining
Pull-in-Place w/ mandrels or packers pipelining
Resin pipe lining
Pipe Bursting w/ HDPE pipe
Structural liners
Slip lining
Inversion CIPP pipe lining
Pipe Boring and many, many others.
Brinks Services is UNMATCHED in providing the best, safest and most pipelining options available.


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Ballard Interview
Interview with president of Quail Creek Condos
Case study with John Buhr Carlsbad Resident


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Ocean-view condo community calls Brinks Services
UBC Hospital
Case study with University of British Columbia Hospital

Ralph Dunn, Oceanside CA, calls Brinks Services


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Case study with Fritz, Oceanside CA - stops pipe from leaking

Case study with Mrs. Hiroshige, Brinks comes to rescue.



San Luis Rey
A major project of cleaning and restoring the hot and cold water pipes.




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Mt. Baldy Industrial Park

Brinks Services Utilizes Two Repair Processes
Mt. Baldy Industrial Park
Brinks Services Utilizes Two Repair Processes


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