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Repiping is when specialists completely replace the pipes in your system. When you’re looking for San Diego repipe services, Brinks provides services to residential and business customers of all kinds.

There are many materials and styles to use for pipes, all with specific advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the different kinds of plumbing repipes San Diego’s Brinks specialists have experience with:

  • Copper Pipe-type "M", "L" and "K" water pipes with "DWV" reserved drains, waste and vent systems
  • PEX Tubing
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Polybutylene
  • CPVC
  • Polyethylene
  • Cast Iron
  • Lead
  • Black Iron
  • Galvanized
  • Ductile Iron

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  • Residential Interior Only. No Multi-Unit or Commercial or Exterior.

Why Would I Need Repiping Services?

Typically, plumbing systems in a residential or commercial property don't fail overnight. Failure is often a long and gradual process with scale and deposits forming inside the pipes. Chances are, you’ve experienced "Low-Flow" and scale buildup over time. Copper and most metals scale with age and that decreases the diameter of the pipe which restricts flow. For a long time, specialists didn’t have ways to remove this build-up of scale and corrosion. At Brinks, we have advanced methods that remove this buildup. The advanced plumber solution is to completely repipe. Brinks is a full-service repipe company, with very specific technicians in this area of expertise.

Another primary cause of piping failure is water chemistry, which has increased the incidence of tiny "pinhole leaks" that can damage your building. Again, the typical plumber solution is to repipe. However, the professionals at Brinks are not typical plumbers. We have solutions to virtually eliminate the need to repipe without costly and disruptive reconstruction costs.

Some of the signs of pipe failures are:

  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Rust
  • Slab Leaks
  • Low Water Pressure and Volume
  • Water Stains
  • Warm Spots on the floor

Materials For Repairs

Brinks will provide a free consultation on all your options, including repiping, direct repairs, epoxy lining, pull-in-place liner, inversion or CIPP liner, spray liner, or blown-in coating. We offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and use only the highest quality materials.

We prefer to use Uponor PEX, a healthier and greener alternative to copper. However, over the years we have completed thousands of copper repipes and therefore are experts in copper repiping should you desire that option.

Uponor PEX


PEX vs. Other Materials


Materials We Use

Type "L" Copper Piping: Most companies use the thinner-walled "M" copper piping. Brinks uses the thicker "L" copper piping, which is preferred by many home contractors.

Ball Valve Shut-Offs: Superior to typical shut-off valves. Ball valves turn on and off with only one-quarter of a turn for easy, fast use.


Stainless Steel Supply Tubing: The stainless steel tubing we use will last a lifetime, quite unlike the plastic tubing used by others.


Insulated Hot Lines: We insulate all of the hot water pipes under your house to help retain heat in your hot water lines.

  Pressure-Balancing Tub/Shower Valves: Designed to eliminate fluctuations/bursts of either hot or cold water in your tub and shower.


Repipe with Hard Copper or PEX




The Re-Piping Process

If you need repiping services, Brinks technicians are committed to providing quality service.

Protecting Your Home and Furnishings

Brinks crews are trained to keep your home as neat and clean as possible during the repipe.

They will protect the floors and broom clean the house of debris each day before leaving.


Job Supervision

Your job will be assigned to a Field Supervisor-Manager who will oversee the installation of your new copper or PEX pipes and provide technical assistance as needed. He will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


Professional Patching

hard copper After the pipes are installed, your walls will be professionally patched, leaving a clean, smooth surface, ready for painting.


The Results

hard copper You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference new PEX or copper piping will make in your home.

It will be the end of the discomfort, inconvenience and aggravation caused by galvanized steel water piping, Polybutylene and soft copper slab leaks.

You will have an operational PEX or hard copper water pipe system that works well without the need for further assistance or attention.


Drywall & Texture Repair in San Diego

Brinks has been performing full service drywall repairs since 1979 using in-house seasoned professionals and quality subcontractors.

From patching small dings and holes to replacing whole sections of walls, ceilings and complete re-texturing, we have the skilled craftsmen and supervised subcontractors to handle all your drywall needs.

Most often, our repairs receive 2-3 thin coats of joint compound spread correctly over a larger area than normal -- which results in adequately filling and blending the affected area. The area is carefully sanded and all edges feathered, providing a better overall job.

Brinks often sets up a containment area to isolate the room, to help keep dust from sanding to a minimum. Additionally, we may employ a wet sanding method to accomplish the same effect. Your home and health are important to us and, if requested, we can even set up an air control system to clean and scrub the air of particulates.

Our fix and repair solutions include:

  • Holes, scrapes and dents
  • Nail or screw holes
  • Stress or settling cracks
  • Water or fire damage
  • Fixing "other's" poor patch jobs
  • Plaster repairs
  • We can match ANY texture


Painting After Water Damage in San Diego


Brinks has been performing full service painting for our insurance clients since 1979, using in-house seasoned professionals and quality subcontractors.

From painting small areas, whole sections of walls, ceilings and complete building painting, we have the skilled craftsmen and supervised subcontractors to handle all your painting needs.

Most often, our painted surfaces receive a primer coat and then two coats of quality paint, which results in adequate filling and blending of the affected area, thereby providing a better overall job.

Our standard procedures include:

  • Tarp, tape and protect furniture, concrete and vegetation
  • Masking doors, windows, hardware and light fixtures
  • Removal of dust, grease, oil and other debris from surfaces
  • Remove rust from metal surfaces
  • Remove pealing and flaking paint
  • Prime areas
  • Daily cleaning of work area
  • Removal of window coverings and re-installation
  • Electrical plugs and switch plates removed when needed
  • Caulking when necessary
  • Disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with laws
  • "Lead Safe Certified Firm" with the EPA on "Lead Paint" laws


Enjoy Excellent Water Pressure!

Experts in epoxy pipe lining and traditional pipe replacement.




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