Moisture and Water Damage Detection in San Diego

Moisture Meters and Thermal Imaging Cameras 

Brinks™ investigation personnel are professionally trained and certified to use some of the most advanced moisture, vapor, and water detection devices available.

By using non-penetrating meters whenever possible, it reduces destruction to your home's surfaces that require testing.  However, when needed, penetrating meters and measuring devices are used to reach into materials when surface reading would be inaccurate. Additionally, moisture meters are often supplemented with thermal imaging cameras to provide the best possible measurements for mysterious moisture intrusions, vapor and water investigations.

mositure meters

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Thermal Imaging Camera

We can scan entire rooms in, under, and around the structure in the home to determine if there is any sign of water damage or moisture present. Thermal Imaging Cameras lower the labor costs of determining moisture or water damaged materials by reducing the building materials that need to be removed to properly perform moisture testing.

Thermal image scanning can detect temperature anomalies in the building materials not visible to the naked eye which may be a precursor to a larger issue. The provided thermal images can be a great aid in finding and identifying moisture and water intrusion issues.

thermal imaging camera

What Infrared Thermal Imaging is Not

  • Moisture Meter -- The infrared thermal imaging camera is NOT a moisture meter. It simply identifies thermal anomalies. This device greatly aids in identifying areas that need further investigation.
  • X-ray Vision - The infrared thermal imaging camera is NOT an X-ray vision scope. It does not provide the user with an immediate Superman "S" on their chest with the ability to clearly see inside walls. Instead, it identifies thermal differences.
  • Silver Bullet - The infrared thermal imaging camera is NOT a silver bullet solution, but when it is used in conjunction with other technologies, thermal imaging has helped us to identify issues that are rarely identified during the limited visual home inspection process.
  • Risk Eliminator - The infrared thermal imaging camera does NOT completely remove the risks of concealed damage.



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