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Brinks™ Services has been a "Licensee and Certified Installer" of the Easy Liner System since 2005


Easy Liner
Easyliner offer multiple solutions that utilize the CIPP method (Cured-in-place pine lining). With this method, we can offer lining material and technology to fit any pipe or joint. No matter what size or shape your pipes are in, Easyliner allows us to successfully repair your plumbing. Plus it's a great alternative to costly digs.




Circular pipe liners are used to renew sewer or drain pipelines and culverts of circular cross section. The US Sewer and Drain range of circular pipe liners are formed by using a consistent strip of plastic and spirally winding it inside the deteriorated host pioe, locking or welding the edges of your strip together to make a water-tight pipe within a pipe.

No digging: Repairs are done from existing man holes or clean-outs - there is no digging at all.

Any pipe size and any length: Any pipe from 2 to 60 inches in diameter (50-1500 mm) and from 1 foot to infinity in length can be lined.

Transitions (One diameter upsize): From one diameter size to next diameter size, without a joint. Example: 10 in. (250 mm) to 12 in. (300 mm) one diameter upsize.

Structural repair: High mechanical properties that allow complete structural repair.

Municipal, commercial & Industrial: A sewer Liner which is NSF certified will meet
residential, municipal & commercial needs. Point repairs are very cost effective; repairs are done only where the pipe is damaged. Also a Novalac epoxy-based liner will meet almost any industrial needs including caustics, strong acids and hydrocarbons (for petroleum applications).

Minimal reduction in pipe diameter: Because of the resin's tight adherence and strong resistance, the thickness of the repair membrane can be reduced to a minimum.

Watertight repair: The FORMADRAIN Liner will stop water Infiltration and Exfiltration, for gravity pipes and under pressure pipes.

Formadrain is a true “No-Dig” lining solution for:
  • Structural Liner Repairs
  • Split, Cracked or Broken joints
  • Leakage Problems
  • Root Intrusions
  • Water Infiltration or Exfiltration.
  • Great Chemical resistive properties.
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial.


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