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Faucets -- every kind. From traditional to modern, whatever your imagination can think of, we can get it, install it and repair it. With years of history working with the best in the business, we will exceed your expectations.

Featured Faucet Brands:

American Standard






Price Pfister



Faucets may last 15-20 years before becoming worn and in need of repairs or complete replacement. Bath and shower faucets now require "Temperature Balancing" to prevent scalding and the lack of this option may be a reason to change a faucet, or updating the look to improve the value of your home may be another reason. The above links to faucet manufacturers' catalogs are provided so you can find the style you like.

I, Bill Brink, personally like Moen brand because they have great customer and tech support, their parts are generally readily available, they offer a lifetime guarantee, and they don't have 45 different parts and model changes in 45 years with a parts catalog as big as the yellow pages. For my second choice, I love Grohe because of their quality, however, it is not made in the USA.


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