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  • Do you pride yourself in being the best at diagnosing and fixing problems?
  • Do you earn the trust and confidence of your customers?
  • Do you take pride in your profession?
  • Do you want to become an apprentice or journeyman and get paid to train and paid to receive class room training?

    Brinks is committed to being a plumbing company our people can be proud to be a part of -- a company know for "ethics first", stability, consistent growth and professionalism.

    At Brinks we are committed to providing you with:
    • A professional and supportive work environment
    • Opportunities of career development
    • Generous compensation packages
    • Being part of a team of professionals that lead the service industry.


Brinks benefit philosophy is to provide a competitive employee benefit package that helps employees meet their needs and the needs of their families. Brinks does this so that a healthy and secure employee is best able to accomplish their desired goals and the goals of the company.

  1. Medical - We offer a plan with a network of benefits and prescription drug coverage.
  2. Chiropractic Care - Our medical plan includes free chiropractic care to help keep our employees healthy and happy!
  3. Dental - We offer a dental plan free of charge that can help you keep costs down for fillings, crowns, etc. that may cover adults and children. *When enrolled in the health care plan.
  4. Vision - We offer a vision plan free of charge that can help you keep cost down for eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. *When enrolled in the health care plan.
  5. Life Insurance - We offer a life insurance plan free of charge when enrolled in the health care plan. * When enrolled in health care plan.
  6. Disability Insurance - We offer both long and short term disability insurance coverage to protect against loss of income due to illness or injury.
  7. Paid Time Off - We offer paid time off to our employees each year, depending on length of service.
  8. Profit Sharing - with 7 year vesting - details apply*
  9. We pay for your hat-cap.
  10. We pay for your uniform shirts.
  11. We pay for your uniform pants.
  12. We pay for your belt.
  13. We pay for your outer wear jacket.
  14. We pay for your outerwear sweatshirt.
  15. We pay for your work shoes and or boots (Redwing Brand).
  16. We pay for polish and or sealer to protect your foot wear.
  17. We pay for shoe or boot insoles for extra comfort.
  18. We even pay for your socks! How's that for head-to-toe coverage!
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