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What is Quest or Polybutylene Pipes?

If your building was built between the late 70s and mid 90s, "Quest" or polybutylene pipes may have been installed in your home or business.

With a high failure rate, including deterioration from chlorine water additives, the piping has had problems across the country.

Look for the following:

  1. Quest-Polybutylene pipe is grey, black or blue. Interior polybutylene plumbing is almost always grey and exterior polybutylene plumbing is mostly blue.
  2. Quest-Polybutylene pipe was installed and manufactured from the late 1970's till the mid-1990's, however, stockpiles of polybutylene pipe left over at pipe and supply wholesale houses, such as supply risers were still known to be available up to 1999.
  3. The most common sizes for polybutylene pipe are 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1".
  4. Quest-Polybutylene piping was used for both residential and commercial water distribution piping.
  5. Quest-Polybutylene pipe connectors can be copper, brass, or plastic. The connector types are barbed with a crimp ring or compression with a plastic or metal ferrule.

quest piping


Go to the following link to find out about the Quest-Polybutylene Lawsuit and


Brinks is fully equipped to service you and perform repairs on your Quest-Polybutylene piping system.

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