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Nothing is worse than an insidious odor -- it detracts from the beauty of your home, or can negatively affect your business (who wants to eat in a smelly restaurant?).

The most common reason for sewer gases is a cracked pipe in a wall or under the floor. Since these pipes are hidden behind walls or under slabs, the cracks go unnoticed until the cracks become big enough to leak or until the right climate conditions occur. Sometimes the smells are picked up by air-conditioning systems and spread throughout the building; however, with our proven odor detection system, we can pinpoint the location of offending odors.

  • Locate breaks in drain and sewer lines
  • Locate breaks and cracks in sanitary vent lines
  • Locate bad-leaking dry traps
  • Locate bad-leaking wax rings
  • Locate bad-leaking floor drains
  • Isolate the system to pinpoint leak areas
  • Locate fungal activity that produces gases/odors
  • Locate bacterial activity that produces gases/odors

Brinks Odor Detection service uses several methods to detect gases:

Pressurize the Sewer-Drain System: the building drain is capped and filled with water and or a dye under a timed test.

Smoke-Vapor Testing: used when the odor cannot be located using electronic means. Additionally, smoke-vapor testing can reveal cracks in pipes that a video inspection camera simply cannot see and can pinpoint what an investigator cannot locate by other methods. Brinks uses only the safest and cleanest laboratory smoke-vapor testing methods and is environmentally friendly.

smoke vapor testing

Electronic Gas Sniffers: Brinks employs portable gas leak detectors which have a wide range of sensitivity and is another tool for detecting gas-odors.

electronic gas sniffing




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