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Since our inception in 1979, Brinks has evolved from Brinks Plumbing and Heating to "The Brinks Group of Services" operating in four divisions:

  • Plumbing
  • Restoration
  • Pipelining-Trenchless
  • Emergency Services-Water & Fire

Brinks Services uses the latest and most technologically advanced methods available to each of the four business facets. Brinks' continues to strategically invest in Research and Development to improve plumbing and pipelining systems. Brinks' direction and experience produce new standards in effectiveness, convenience and produce a better product with increased durability and extended warranties. Our warranty is often twice the industry standard because of superior products and strict installation standards.

The foundation of our 30+ year success has been built upon long term relationships with our valued customers (of whom 87% are referrals), and retaining talented employees. Due to Brinks rigorous hiring process for prospective employees and an "Ethics First" company policy, we employ some of the best and most experienced professionals, account managers, field managers and technicians available to provide you the customer a company you can call your "One stop- shop you can Trust".

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Brinks' operates a fleet of "Super Trucks" that carry 185% more parts than the average service vehicle. Along with being fully equipped (too long to list here) they carry the most technologically advanced diagnostic tools available, allowing Brinks' to accomplish most jobs on the first visit.


About Us and our worktrucks
Plumbing Super Service Trucks Emergency Services Super Truck


Pipelining Super Trucks

Pipelining Super Trucks



Bill Brink grew up in San Diego the son of a Real Estate Broker and as such acquired his Real Estate License immediately after high school. Bill performed numerous construction trades while working on family rental property, "flipping" homes, subdividing land, moving homes to family subdivided land, grading and building. As such, Bill became pretty skilled in real estate development and renovation.


In 1979, at the age of 23, Bill Brink started Brinks Plumbing and Heating by simply placing an ad in the newspaper touting services. The start up capital was $52.00 for the ad. The business was initially run out of a home located in the Kensington Community of San Diego.

As the service and repair portion of the company grew so did the need for electronic leak detection (new at the time) and plumbing investigations. Plumbing failure analysis would become an important component of insurance claims with manufacturers' defects being identified to subrogate the cost of claims.


In 1983, Bill Brink was awarded a contract with the City of San Diego Housing Commission; he performed general plumbing services, electronic leak detection and product failure investigations. During the polybutylene "Quest" lawsuits of the 1980's Bill Brink was called upon to provide testimony and later was asked by insurance companies to provide the same investigative services to them that he provided to the City of San Diego and other related companies.


In 1984, Bills quest to find better investigative tools led him to "Sea Snake". He performed R&D for "Sea Snake" who's under water camera was the first to view the Titanic and later developed to serve the plumbing industry. Bill began his R&D of custom electronic listening microphones and their uses, Bill continues this work today.


In 1985, Brinks added "Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services" to better serve the insurance industry. He earned the "Preferred Vendor" and "Quality Vendor" designations. In 2000 Brinks added the Pipelining Division, Bill did extensive research to ultimately find the industries best epoxies available. Brinks' has expanded to carry a matrix of pipe and drain lining products.


Brinks' holds licenses as: Plumbing Contractors, General Building Contractors, Engineering Contractors and the Plumbing Inspector Certification.

Old #1

"Old #1" was a 1964 Ford.

Note the phone number has a 714 area code; all of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles shared the 714 area code, it wasn't until January 1982 that San Diego received the 619 area code.

For over 25 years, Bill Brink has invested heavily in education and is dedicated to the expanded education of all his employees. Brinks' continues to sponsor up and coming apprentices with both academic classes and in the field "hands on" training.

Brinks' gives back to the community by supporting youth activities, ministries and charity organizations.



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